Frequently Asked Question


Q. Do I need a paid Minecraft account to play on the server?

A. Yes. We do not support hacked Minecraft clients on the server.

Q. Do I need to be online to purchase anything in the store?

A. No. All the purchases are saved to your account regardless if you're online or not. When you do join the server any pending purchases will be immediately applied to your account.

Q. I bought something by an accident, there was an authorised purchase or something is wrong with my purchase.

A. No worries. Just send us an email ( and we will resolve the issue.

Premium Membership

Q. What happens to the Premium Membership I purchased before it was subscription based?

A. Premium Memberships purchased before the changes were made to the store follow their original conditions. Your old Premium Membership will remain with your account for life.

Q. How do I cancel my Premium Membership?

A. You can cancel your subscription on the order history page. Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription through your PayPal account or send us an email ( and we can cancel it for you. You will still retain your Premium Membership for 30 days after the last payment was made.


Q. My Booster didn't work or how do I activate a Booster?

A. You need to activate your purchased Boosters in game. They do not activate automatically when you make the purchase. Click on Main Menu in your hotbar and you'll see your purchased boosters on the bottom row.

Q. Do Boosters still work when I'm offline?

A. No. You need to be online on the server to receive a boost from an activated Booster.

Q. Will other players know I activated a Booster?

A. Yes. When someone activates a Booster a chat message is broadcasted to everyone indicating what Booster was activated and who activated it (as well as a Discord notification). Players can also view currently active Boosters with a /boosters command which will also show the last 5 contributors to each activated Booster.